By: Ravi Nagar

We are new to the Canada, moved from US. Priyanka helped us navigate cities, towns, and helped us short-list the right neighbourhood with great school for our daughter. and had a great experience buying my first house with Priyanka's help. She was very patient listening to our needs and helped us prioritize our requirements . We had funds from US and credit history in US and minimum history in Canada. Her team helped us handle all these difficult items and handled our case easily. The whole team helped us with financing, legal, home inspection and moving. She negotiated great price for us and helped us save money at each step. The process was smooth and it was great first impression of the professionalism in Canada. After moving to Canada we moved in our own home in two months. Happy to recommend her anytime !!!

By: Jayshri Kar

Outstanding agent . Helped us find an awesome house

By: Pooja Tiwari

Priyanka is very smart and honest agent who will never force you to buy anything for her benefit. She works for buyers satisfaction and will work hard to get a deal which is as per buyer expectation and satisfaction .She will share honest feedback about the market research of properties and will suggest accordingly to bid the price .She is very loyal and hardworking . She is best known for closing deals at a very competitive price .For us as well we got it at a very nominal price not much over asking . We definitely recommend Priyanka for any future work.

By: Shubhi Bansal

Priyanka has been of stupendous help to our family as a realtor. We relocated from USA to Canada and she was looking for houses with us on day two of our landing. She tried and showed us many properties and gave us a tour of the city to give us some sense of the neighborhoods that we may like. She went an extra step to ensure that we only put a serious step forward and even frankly told us that our quoted price was too high and we should consider lowering it. Post the closing of our house, she followed up with the sellers for every single question, ensured all processes were completed timely and we could move in comfortably. Would highly recommend Priyanka to anyone looking for a realtor who keeps the interest of her clients as a top priority!

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